Patient Resources

Below you can find various forms, additional information, educational material and screening tools that can help you better prepare for your upcoming testing procedure(s) and/or become more informed if you are questioning the possibility of needing one.

For patients preparing to come into the lab for overnight sleep testing:
Welcome Letter
What to expect
ASL Sleep Questionnaire
What to expect following your sleep study

For patients preparing to come into the lab for EEG testing:
Introduction and what to expect

For Home Sleep Testing Patients:
Step by Step Instructions for the Application of Your Home Sleep Testing Device

Click the link below to watch a video of  a Home Sleep Test equipment set up.
Home Sleep Test set up, start to finish.

Sleep Screening Tools:
Epworth Sleepiness Scale
Stop-Bang Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

Sleep Apnea 101 - All About Sleep Apnea:
Our community based educational presentation that provides an overview on sleep apnea.
All About Sleep Apnea

Notice of Privacy Practices / Patient Rights & Responsibilities:
ASL Notice of Privacy Practices
ASL Rights & Responsibilities

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